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We have grown orchids and plants at our nursery farm that started almost 20 years ago. Our goal is providing affordable orchids so everyone can enjoy their beauty. Get the best orchids from us.

The Biggest Orchids Store        in The Flower District of            Los Angeles

Lee’s Orchids is the biggest brick-and-mortar store in the Flower District of Los Angeles, having a variety of orchids, plants, and home & décor supplies.


A Variety of Pots & Planters

We have a great selection of pots and planters because we want to give our plants a friendly welcome. Enjoy shopping our distinctively designed planters that make your plants and flowers stand out.




In 2001, the founder and C.E.O. SK Lee had the courage to make his lifelong passion of nature into his occupation. SK Lee decided to purchase 15 acres in Oxnard, California, converting it into Lee’s Orchid’s first nursery. After 5 years of noticing an increasing popularity for orchids, SK Lee’s desire to make this flower more accessible to others made him move to the heart of Los Angeles.
In 2006, Lee’s Orchids open its wholesale and retail doors in the flower district located in San Pedro Street. This location was established as the headquarter for the business, catering the cosmopolitan city of Los Angeles, not only with different types of orchids, but also plants, succulents, vases, home & décor, and wood products. The Lee’s orchid team soon formed into a family of floral designers, sales representatives, floral consultants, delivery personnel, and horticulturists. SK Lee’s vision soon took off as more Angelinos started embracing the beauty of orchids. Lee’s Orchids had to expand to meet the demands of customers. Between the years of 2006-2014, 8 more locations opened including Lee’s Orchid San Pedro, Secret Garden San Pedro, Orchid 2 Orchid on 8th St., Secret Garden on 8th St., Ted’s Evergreens in LA’s Original Flower Market, and booths #22/#33/#34 in LA’s Original Flower Market. In 2011, the headquarters of the business was relocated from San Pedro Street to the San Julian Street branch.
Today, we strive to continue serving our community with the same honesty and integrity we use to care for our orchids.

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