Flower Bouquets:

Unwrapping is NOT necessary since the wrapping papers are water resistant. However, unwrapping is recommended to keep the freshness of flowers longer.
1. Fill your vase with water and flower food provided.
2. Cut the stems diagonally under running water to avoid scissor burn.
3. If any, remove any leaves below the water line.
4. Avoid placing the vase from direct sunlight, cold or hot air.
5. Replace water daily or every other day.



Flower Arrangements:

Madre Mia Flower Arrangement

Since flowers are arranged in wet foams, you can pour approximately 1/4 cup of water or less (depending on the size of your arrangement). Directly on the foam daily. It will give your flowers enough water to stay fresh. When the flowers fade, take out both flowers & green wet foam, and re-use the container for your necessary use.