Water Bamboo

Water Bamboo


Nature meets modernism! Oversized pedestal beaker held by black metal frame creates modern industrial look. Water bamboos sit perfectly and the roots are covered by stone pebbles. This combination is a must-have for home and office decor.

Dimension: (Small) 5"X24", (Large) 5"X27"

Total dimension may vary based on the season and/or the shape of the plant



Care Tip

 Water: Replace water every 7-10 days. Clean the container and rinse the pebbles to avoid algae forming.

 Light: Medium to bright filtered light is highly recommended but tolerates low light. Direct sunlight may burn the leaves, especially during summer. Morning sunlight is better than afternoon sunlight.

 Air & Temperature: Air circulation helps water evaporation, prevents condensation on the leaf surfaces, and reduces the growth of fungal infections and rot. Dramatic temperature change will damage the plant. Room temperature is recommended (68-80F)

 Fertilize: Squeeze few drops of liquid plant food directly into the water when water it replaced. Use on every watering session for best result.


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