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Sssssilent Night

Plant Name : Sansevieria Laurentii 'Snake Plant'
Plant Size : 6" Pot
Container W x H : 7.75" x 7.75"
Container Material : Ceramic
Total Dimension: W × H : 8″ x 20″

Due to high volume of orders, the specific ribbon in the photo may be unavailable and will be replaced with different ribbon option that meets holiday theme. 

Care Tip

 Water: Sansevierias like to dry out completely between watering. Recommend watering is every 7-10 days but may differ based on living environment. Use finger or wooden stick to poke deep into the soil to check the wetness/humidity. If damp, wait 5-7 days and check again. If moderately humid, wait 3-5 days and check again. If dry, water thoroughly (approximately 10oz). Avoid overwatering.

 Light: Medium to bright filtered light is highly recommended but tolerates and easily adapts low light. Direct sunlight may burn the plant, especially during summer. Morning sunlight is better than afternoon sunlight.

 Air & Temperature: Air circulation helps water evaporation, prevents condensation on the leaf surfaces, and reduces the growth of fungal infections and rot. Dramatic temperature change will damage the plant. Room temperature is recommended (68-80F)

 Fertilize: Mix few drops of liquid plant food with water when watering the plant. Use on every watering session for best result. Another way of using the liquid plant food is to twist off the tip (not entire cap) and stick the entire bottle into the soil near the root. Do not squeeze the bottle as the soil will naturally absorb the liquid. When the bottle is empty, replace with new bottle. 

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